Motriko Oil Field Services is the operating subsidiary of Mothanna Group in the field of Oil Drilling Services. Motriko is proud to have the largest drilling rig in Yemen, which is ZJ-70, and other heavy-duty equipment. The company has capacity to drill horizontal well, directional well, cluster well and high difficulty well. In addition, it has gained rich experience from conventional oil and gas well drilling as well as non-conventional drilling such as CBM, salt exploitation, geothermal wells etc. Motriko also has an excellent ability to provide customers with all Petroleum Machinery, tools and equipment.



Engineering and Technical Consultation

Economic Evaluation of Project Objectives and Analysis for Decision-making, HC Reservoir Simulation and Evaluation of Prospects, Reservoir Prediction and HC Detection, Structure Modeling and Reservoir Description, Drilling Project Cost Budget, Drilling Design, Design of Directional Well, Experimental Evaluation and Design of Drilling Fluid, Solving Downhole Problem, Mud Logging, Cementing Technical Consultation and Design, Well Completion Design

Engineering and Technical Service

Drilling Technical Service (Directional Well and Horizontal Well ect.),
Drilling Fluid Technical Service,
Mud Logging Service
(Conventional Logging, Gas Compound Logging ect.),
Cementing Technical Service,
Work over Technical Service.


Drilling Technical


Drilling Fluid Technical Service:

We can provide all kinds of drilling fluid and completion fluid technical service On the basis of optimizing the structure of well bore and Maximizing Productivity, we don’t only ensure high-quality and efficient service, but also make Different programs according to different formation, when encountering complex Formation such as high-temperature, high pressure etc..

Drilling Well and the Workover Service

The company’s technology team with Sufficient work experience can provide series of technical consultation such as project assessment, exploration, and development..


Mainly include the following:

  • Project choice, assessment and consultation service
  • Simulation of HC system analysis
  • Reservoir detection and HC detection
  • Fracture prediction and modeling Structure modeling
  • Reservoir description
  • Drilling project cost budget
  • Drilling design
  • Design of directional well
  • Experimental evaluation and design of drilling fluid
  • Mud logging, cementing technical consultation and design
  • Solving downhole problems